You are currently viewing BH QUARTZ DISC Di2 REVIEW


For those who don’t know, the BH Quartz Disc Di2, is one of the best Race Endurance bikes you get. It is agile, fast, comfortable and at 950 grams for the frame, its light.

As soon as you apply any force to the pedals, it jumps forward, almost egging you on to go faster. This is due the light weight & oversized bottom bracket, where a lot of design emphasis was placed. It has also taken some design ideas from its racing cousins the BH G6 & Ultralight, giving you one of the most compliant & comfortable rides you will ever experience. It has beautifully curved rear stays to help dampen the road vibration coming up through the frame and is quite aerodynamic too, with the rear wheel tucked away neatly, as well as disc brakes allowing for uninterrupted airflow over the frame. It can accommodate up to a 28c tyre which is super impressive and which too will soften the ride quite considerably.

Disc is the way of the future, delivering confident braking in al weather conditions. The STI, has plenty modulation allowing you to feather the brakes or grab a whole handful if one should require to stop in a hurry. This in combination with an Ultegra Di2 groupset, finishes the bike off beautifully. You can almost seamlessly shift up or down with the lightest of presses and by holding in the shift up or down paddle, can shift more than one gear at a time.

What a fantastic offering from BH here with the Quartz disc. It is something that is a must for your shortlist should you be in the market for a new bike. Long races or training sessions will be an absolute pleasure riding aboard this Quartz bike.

• Light
• Fast
• Agile
• Priced competitively
• One piece carbon hanger mount
• Confident climber and descender
• Eye catching colours

• Not able to change wheels easily being disc
• Harsh on very rough roads