What colour do you like most? Each model comes in a range of 5 colours.
You can also customise it however you like in BH Unique, with over 32k combinations.

About Us

BH Bikes South Africa – since the beginning back in 1909, we at BH have worked to innovate, plan design and manufacture lightweight, agile and reliable bicycles that may be adapted to the needs and demands of all sorts of customers. This ranges from using the bike as a means of urban transportation to the highest-level competing cyclist, not to leave out the weekend enthusiast or cyclo-tourist.

BH is known as one of Europe’s most prestigious bicycle makers which has become one of the most established and successful in the world of cycling. BH designs, tests and builds bikes that balance all aspects of performance. At BH we have accompanied children on their first bike experiences; numerous enthusiasts spending their free time on our models; and giants of the cycling world such as Gustave Deloor, Álvaro Pino, Fede Etxabe, Eneko Llanos, Julie Bresset and Nicola Spirig, have created their legends on our bicycles.

Today BH Bikes South Africa offer high-quality bikes and components for all cycling disciplines: road, mtb, urban and e-bikes for the city or sports. Our innovative technology, such as EVO, Ultralight and Global Concept frames or the Split Pivot system found on the Lynx, keeps us ahead of our time, with clear goal of offering bike lovers the solutions that they demand.  We innovate, research and create the most advanced technologies in order to provide you with the simplest and most comfortable path. We maintain a social and environmental commitment, developing new ecological solutions that are respectful of our surroundings. Our dynamic company is committed to our customers and their needs, offering them the most reliable and trustworthy products.

Mathew Wentworth has taken over the BH Bikes South Africa Concept Store in Cape Town. He has a deep love of cycling and the outdoors and has been racing both on-road and mountain bikes since he was 12 years old. Mat has worked abroad and locally in the cycling industry and is focussed on performance as well as customer satisfaction so you will be in the best hands when needing information on any of the BH bicycles.

Clearly, at BH we are passionate about bicycles.






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First to respond to a new wheel request and got me back on the mountain asap, insurance and all the necessary sorted. Thanks guys
Stephen Mahony
Had a great chat with Ray Wilson regarding ebikes. Very informative and friendly. I'll be back.
Edward Kinsey