Wild Ride – Transkei – Kei River to Fish River Challenge

October 18, 2017 BH South Africa

Wild Ride – Transkei – Kei River to Fish River Challenge

Recently a group of friends extended their annual “wild ride” from Trenney’s to Mngazi  (normally takes 4 days) to finish in Port Edward in 6 days. Sadly the flooding river became too risky to cross and the trip ended at the Mkhasibe River  Drifter Camp, only 30km from the end.

Day 1: Trennery’s to Kob Inn (approx hours)

Day 2: Kob Inn to The Haven (approx hours)

Day 3: The Haven to Coffee Bay (approx 5 hours)

Day 4: Coffee Bay to Port St Johns (approx 7 hours)

Day 5: Port St Johns to Port Grosvenor (approx 10½ hours)

100mm of rain fell in the space of 24hrs

Day 6: Port Grosvenor to Port Edward (approx 10km in hours)

We stopped 30km short at Mkhasibe River due to the flooding.

The Wild Coast is ideal territory for Mountain Bikers as there are long sandy beaches, challenging single tracks and gravel roads in abundance.
We enjoyed seeing unique sights such as waterfalls that drop into the ocean and cattle chilling in the surf which provided fantastic spectacles along the way.