BH Aerolight Disc

April 14, 2020
Posted in Road Bikes

BH Aerolight Disc

Being quick, prepared for any circumstances are attitudes shared by all triathletes. We have made them key features of the updated BH Aerolight Disc, the machine designed to shave seconds off every kilometre and win the never-ending battle against the wind.

Everything on the BH Aerolight Disc is new, although one concept from the previous version remains: the Kamm-Tail design. This is designed so that the fork and down tube follow the contours of the front wheel as much as possible. This creates a larger flat surface, which improves its wind penetration properties. The fork is another key element of the aerodynamics and, in this case, the design includes a large tyre width clearance that allows the air to flow between the wheel and frame without creating turbulence. There is no exposed cable or line because the ACR system ensures fully internal routing, thus eliminating any elements that hinder the aerodynamics and giving it a clean and stylish appearance.

In technical terms, all of BH’s technology has been used to manufacture the Aerolight Disc frame. From selecting the best fibres (Toray T800 and T500) to using Hollow Core Internal Moulding technology to eliminate imperfections inside the frame and optimise the thickness of each area. Weight is also important in triathlons and, thanks to this, the BH Aerolight Disc is lightweight and stiff, even for larger triathletes. This stiffness is achieved partly thanks to the BB368 EVO bottom bracket, with oversized dimensions that improve the frame’s stiffness where it matters most. It has a notably racing geometry, as you would expect for a fully-fledged competition bike.

The inclusion of disc brakes has led to a number of changes to the frame. We opted for a minimalist flat-mount anchor for the brake callipers. 140 or 160 mm discs can be used. The whole rear part of the frame has been designed to withstand the additional forces generated by using this type of brake. The chainstays are asymmetrical and help to achieve good stiffness in any situation, allowing us to use tyres as wide as 28 mm. The inclusion of disc brakes improves safety greatly, especially in poor weather conditions, as well as increasing speed. You will be able to brake later and with less force. For a sport in which shaving seconds off the clock is a must, this is an important development.

Thru-axles with a diameter of 12 mm has been used to lock the wheel in place; another element that adds to the overall stiffness of the frame. You can also remove the wheel without needing any external tools. When using Shimano Di2 shifting systems, the battery is entirely concealed in the head tube thanks to a patented clip system that insulates it against external elements.

There are 3 models in the BH Aerolight Disc range, all with the same frame. BH Aerolight Disc 4.0 is available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL).