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The BH EVO 27.5 Jumper – Review

This is one of my favorite electric bikes from BH because it’s fast, handles well being a 27.5 and comfortable on or off-road. It has a 350 watt hub motor, with a 460 Watt Hour battery, meaning it can travel up to 95km per charge. The Evo 27.5″ Jumper is available in two frame sizes; Medium or Large. The white and red color combination looks really great and will make your bike stand out nicely.

The motor driving your Evo 27.5″ Jumper is beautifully integrated design on the rear wheel hub and has been painted black to blend in with the cabling, spokes and wheel. It basically disappears behind the 10 Speed Shimano XT cassette. As mentioned previously, it offers 350 watts of power output but actually feels more like a 500 watt motor. Getting up to speed in a flash and I attribute this fast feel in part to the quality motor from Dapu.

The battery pack on the Evo 27.5 Jumper e-bike is quite impressive as well because it builds on the popular Neo design and addresses one big complaint that customers had… Many people wanted to charge the pack on the bike but were forced to take it off every single time because there was no charging outlet built into the frame. This made dropping and scratching the battery more likely but that was somewhat overlooked because the design was beautiful and performed well. With the Evo series you simply plug the charger into a well designed side bike port.

The Lithium-ion cells in this pack are high quality made by Samsung and is covered by a solid two year warranty. In addition there is a small LED panel located on the underside of the battery, this lets you know the amount of charge left.

Each BH Emotion E-bike comes with a LCD display panel. It displays power assist level, speed, battery left, actual time, max speed and distance you traveled. You can adjust these settings by holding the up and down arrows simultaneously. Once you’re finished just hold the center button for a few seconds to exit.

The Easy Motion EVO 27.5 Jumper is one amazing electric bike. It offers a full suspension model which is a great choice if you plan to go off-road frequently but giving you the option to lock out fully if going on road. Assisting up to 30km/h this bike will make your cycling experience a real pleasure every time.


  • Charge the battery while it is still mounted.
  • The display panel, battery pack, suspension fork and hub motor are all painted to match the bike and blend in to make it look more like a normal bicycle.
  • The LCD display is removable. Safety feature too
  • With assistance and 30 gear combinations to choose from, you can ride on almost any terrain.
  • A nice tool free quick release system on the rear wheel makes changing flats much easier.


  • No bottle cage mounting points on the downtube or seat tube meaning you’ll need to add one to the seat post or have use a camelback.

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