Battery – 350wh
Distance – Up to 70km
Speed – Assists up to 25km/h
Information – As good as new, original tyres, hardly any km’s
Price – R24 900.00

The Neo Cross combines the performance of stiffer road style bikes with the comfort of a front shock. The 350 watt geared, rear hub motor that comes stock on the Neo Cross could be described as mid-level in terms of power but it really shines with this frame and controller setup, especially in pedal-assist mode (the bike also offers throttle only mode). The Neo Cross uses a torque sensor to activate the motor when pedalling and this makes acceleration more natural, encouraging the rider to keep going. The ergonomic positioning is also set up much more like any regular road or mountain bike making pedalling comfortably when compared to cruiser style soft seated electric bikes. It’s smooth, quiet and easy to handle, even going up hills.


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