Size – Medium
Spec – XTR 1×11, Dropper post, Guide brakes, Rock shocks
Price – R39 900.00

Looking for a ride with the amazing handling of an endurance bike but with shorter travel than 140mm? BH’s carbon-framed Lynx 4.8 blends aggressive geometry with only 120 millimeters of travel.With 29er wheels and a 68-degree head angle, the Lynx is quick & fast even on the roughest terrain. Fox deserves a good bit of credit for its Float fork. The rear suspension features a “Split Pivot” around the rear axle, which means you can run lower rear shock pressures on your shock, to absorb all bumps. Creating a super smooth, all day comfort mountain bike.

Since the Lynx encourages all out, throw into the corners type riding, it deserves a more secure single chainring drivetrain rather than the Shimano XT double-ring setup that it comes standard with. This will allow one to feel more confident going all out; using only the rear gears and not fear dropping the front chainring.

With mountain bike technology this well thought out, the lynx 4.8 Marathon is a comfortable, yet very fast mountain bike. So if you are in the market for a mountain bike upgrade, you should have a BH Lynx marathon on your shortlist.