BH Bikes South Africa – May 2017


2018 is well under way. E-Bike sales continue to grow with the (EV907) Evo Jumper 27.5 dual suss being the most popular especially for the ladies. The 500 watt hour battery gives a genuine range of 100 km’s + which is more than sufficient and can manage a genuine 3 hour MTB ride with the boys!

The amazing EV967 29er Jumper Pro dual suss with a 600wh battery has arrived and gives people a range of 125km. They also come in XL frames for the big guys.


This year is going to be remembered for the launch of the new Lynx “Race”. Seasoned riders have been waiting for the “racier” version of the Lynx Marathon which has had only mild success, in spite of it being perfect for stage racing in SA. The Lynx Race geometry and look will make is a winner! – click here to continue reading



The G6 Aero is the classic bike at the moment and remains our best seller. The G7 and Quartz disc are an indication that V-Brakes are slowly being phased out. These bikes are really worth a look, especially when you are getting a carbon frame Ultegra Di2 and disc brakes from R59 900.00

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