April 12, 2019 BH South Africa

E-Racing is now a thing

BH Bikes will be part of the historic launch of the WES E-Bike Series

Monaco is the setting for an event that will be considered the start of something big a few years from now. E-bikes are here to stay, as can be seen by the fact that BH Bikes is now offering an extensive range. With thousands of mountain bike users enjoying the e-MTB, the logical next step is to organise competitions for those riders who prefer electric bicycles. WES E-Bike Series is an international e-bike championship debuting this week. And it will do so with a group of organisers who have turned the race into a spectacular event, all under the auspices of the UCI. On Saturday, the Enduro and XC disciplines will come together in order to find the fastest professional teams. Sunday is for amateur bikers.

The formula for the event is to combine riding experiences for amateur bikers with competitions involving the world’s best riders. BH Bikes couldn’t miss out on this event, particularly now that it has the spectacular, unique BH AtomX Carbon, a machine that fits perfectly with this demanding new race format. Light and rigid thanks to its carbon frame. Efficient and with excellent range thanks to its Brose S Mag motor and 720Wh battery. Agile and fast thanks to its Split Pivot suspension system and its geometry, directly inherited from the brand’s Enduro models. A perfect e-MTB for racing.

BH Bikes will be sending a strong list of Enduro riders to the inaugural event in Monaco, where technical aspects will play a key role in the races. We will see Karim Amour, Ze Manel Borges and Alex Cure flying on BH Bikes’ e-MTB all around the world over the course of this year. They all have extensive experience competing in the Enduro World Series. This new challenge will mark a new starting point for many members of the team, all of whom are enthusiastic and keen to take part. New material, a new race format, new variables to control, and the excitement of knowing they are pioneers.

This is the cornerstone of a complete competition ecosystem for e-bikes. The future of racing is here, and BH Bikes will be part of it.