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BH introduces 100mm XC marathon Lynx Race

This year is going to be remembered for the launch of the new Lynx “Race”. Seasoned riders have been waiting for the “racer” version of the Lynx Marathon which has had only mild miles in SA. In spite of it being perfect for stage racing in SA. The relaxed geometry plus longer travel is perfect for Masters or Grand Master classes over three or more days.

The new Lynx Race was really developed by mountain bikers to meet the needs of the cross country and marathon crowds. Pro XCers Maxime Marotte, Victor Koretzky, and Jordan Sarrou who had each been on the Wold Cup podium this season worked closely with the BH designers to share what they loved about the current Ultimate 29 carbon hardtail, and what they liked from riding the 120mm Lynx on the trails.

What that meant in the end is that the new Lynx Race adapts the same aggressive trail riding geometry that was developed for the race hardtail Ultimate 29. So instead of going to the steep angles and long stems that cross country bikes usually lean towards, the Lynx Race gets a slack  68.5° head angle and longer reaches for a modern long & slack trail geometry. The team input was a really key here as BH’s designers weren’t sure what feedback the pros would give, but instead they really appreciated a more stable feel to the bikes and the ability to really push the short travel to the extreme on technical descents.

The Lynx race will be arriving in South Africa on the 19th of May 2017. For more information please contact one of the BH Consultants 021 715 7182